October 25, 2012 Sofus Midtgaard

Whole Foods joins The Leadership Network & Academy November 8

Whole Foods shares perspectives on Social Business and creating a Social Organisation

On November 8, Bill Tolany, Senior Director, Marketing & Integrated Media at Whole Foods Market joins the Leadership Network & Academy via Skype to share insights on Social Business & Creating Social Organisations.

Bill will share a bit of the Whole Foods company history from start-up to #1 in organic foods and turn to topics like:

  • How Whole Foods have managed to create a movement
  • The power of a strong purpose/intent
  • How to maintain a strong community feeling when growing
  • How Whole Foods work with creating a transparent, sharing and collaborating organisation

Bill Tolany attended this years Rebuild21 conference May 31 and gave a talk on Building a Yogurt Culture:

We look forward to a follow-up on this talk and get an in-depth conversation on the opportunities and challenges of creating Social Organisations.

The Leadership Academy 2012/2013 is fully booked and closed for enrolment. But you can get on the waiting list for 2013/2014 or apply for membership of the Leadership Network if interested.


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