January 1, 2013 Sofus Midtgaard

New Normal, New Standards – no bailouts, this time it’s for real…

New Normal, New Standards – no bailouts, in 2013 it’s for real…

Change will be at the heart of 2013. Where some see a crisis, others see transformation. Where some see threats, others see opportunities. Where some get afraid, others get fired up.

Rebuild21 will dedicate 2013 to celebrate people and organisations who embrace change. Not because they are perfect. Not because they got it all right. But because they change things.

“A New Normal demands New Standards” a large Danish Bank stated in 2012. We agree! And while they withdraw their marketing campaign after public critique about ‘Readwashing’ we continue. We continue the quest to identify the ‘New Standards’ or Cornerstones of 21st Century Business.

We hope you will join us on this journey. More than ever we as businesses and organisations need to revisit our purpose and rethink how we deliver real value and sustainable growth.

We wish you all a happy New Year – and look forward to see you for Rebuild21 May 22-23, 2013. Again this year we invite a carefully selected crowd of innovators, business executives, entrepreneurs, public servants and business thinkers to get together, get inspired, sketch and start building 21st century organisations and businesses that combines purpose, passion and profits.

Happy new year!

Sofus Midtgaard,
Founder of Rebuild21

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