A Manifesto for 21st Century Business and Constructive Growth

Some still claim we are facing a financial crisis. But this crisis goes far beyond financials. It’s a moral, social and institutional meltdown of 20th century business politics and consumerism. We need to break out of a management mindset rooted in the industrial revolution and start rebuilding business for the 21st century.

We are now 7 bill. people on the planet. By 2035 around 70% of the world population will live in cities. The price of energy and food is climbing. We are the most in-dept, medicated and obese generation ever. We are not even close to a realistic solution to tackle climate change. And we are facing a collapse of the world economy. Need more reasons to join a more fundamental Rebuild of business for the 21st century?

The Rebuild21 Manifesto

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Builders of tomorrow unite

About the Manifesto:

The Rebuild21 Manifesto is the incomplete essence of many people’s work during and after the Rebuild21 2011 conference. The Manifesto is humbly edited by Rebuild21 founder Sofus Midtgaard – @sofus. Constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome. Join the discussion.

We hope it will inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders to rebuild business for the 21st Century. If inspired – join the community or sign up for an invitation to Rebuild21 2012.

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1. Start a revolution! – 21st century businesses change the game, the place or the rules

2. Purpose before profits! – 21st century businesses are meaning organizations driven by a higher purpose – not margins

3. Philosophy is the new strategy! – 21st century business DNA is philosophy not strategy

4. Tribes don’t need scorecards! – 21st century businesses are run on passion, trust and accountability

5. Soft is the new hard! – 21st century businesses wins on authenticity, personality or generosity

6. Sustainable advantage! – 21st century businesses makes it easy, fun or cheap to live healthy and sustainable

7. Give fans a backstage pass! – 21st century businesses don’t end at the corporate firewall – they invite global talent backstage for co-creation

8. Transparency is the new black! – 21st century businesses are built on transparency, open source or open business models

9. Software doesn’t need a HQ! – 21st century businesses are often 100% software – look out for server parks not fancy addresses

10. Earn your reputation!- 21st century businesses earn their reputation through dedication, usability and ʻwowʼ customer experience

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