December 28, 2011 Sofus Midtgaard

Manifesto for 21st Century Business and Constructive Growth

We live in interesting times. We are now more than 7 billion people on the planet. By 2035 around 70% of the world population will live in cities. The price of energy and food is climbing. We are the most in-dept, medicated and obese generation ever. We are not even close to a realistic solution to tackle climate change. And we are facing a collapse of the world economy.

Lot’s of reasons to get depressed – but also lot’s of reasons to innovate and more dramatically rethink the way we live and rebuild the way we do business. The  Rebuild21 Manifesto was crafted in that spirit.

The Rebuild21 Manifesto


Builders of tomorrow unite

About the Manifesto:

The Rebuild21 Manifesto is the incomplete essence of many people’s work during and after the Rebuild21 2011 conference. The Manifesto is humbly edited by Rebuild21 founder Sofus Midtgaard – @sofus. Constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome. Join the discussion


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