May 5, 2013 Sofus Midtgaard

The Maker Movement

Make no mistake, we hate sustainability. We hate that people don’t even want to hear the word any more. We hate that it has become a management decision passed down like second hand shoes. We are over it! We are here to unveil a new age of design, one that is about making better things and making things better. One that is built upon an insatiable curiosity and inexhaustible work ethic. One that gives the power back to the makers of things, instead makers of decisions.

This is about better choices for better tomorrows. Its about opportunities, not obstacles. Options not mandates. We are talking about transparency not confusion. This is about potential to do things you never thought you could, with things you’ve always had. Its about time the do-gooders took heap from the good-doers. So consider this your rallying crowd. Reclaim your rightful positions as catalyst of progress. Rise up against the pencil pushers with un-worked hands and incurious minds. Go to your drawing boards and draft tables and work stations. Prepare to design things that matter. Prepare to change the way the world makes things. Prepare to redesign the making of making. Makers of the world unite!

Introducing the Maker Movement:

How can we transform our existing systems into new ones that are more sustainable, accessible, and empowering? Join us at Rebuild21 where Nike will share information about Launch 2020 and kick-off a Maker Movement with the introduction of tools that will help designers choose more sustainable materials.


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