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1. Can I still make if for the 2012/2013 program?

Unfortunately not. The 2012/2013 class is fully booked. Next class will start September 2013. If you want more information about how to apply please sign-up for new here.


2. What is the fee for enrolment?

Compared to most Executive Programs, you will find the price very competitive. One year enrolment in the Leadership Academy cost 29.985 DKK + VAT. We offer a 35% reduced fee for NGO/Academics/ Entrepreneurs. This is a result of a deliberate philosophy. We run the Leadership Academy as a non-profit and we do not have an expensive faculty or permanent staff of educators. More information about enrolment here.


3. How do I pay?

If accepted to the program we will send you an invoice via email. Please provide us with your billing info when you apply and make sure we have your payment on time.


4. What’s the difference between The Leadership Network and The Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy is an extension to The Leadership Network. Cases and inspiration will be the same, but as enrolled at the Academy you will join group sessions, identify and analyse 21st century innovators in your industry and prepare a plan for change for your organisation before graduating. Only as a graduate from the Leadership Academy you will receive the Certificate in Open Business Leadership.


5. Can I sign up for just the Leadership Network?

If you are too busy to join the Academy, you can apply for membership of the Leadership Network. You will meet the same global innovators and peers as if you join the Academy, but you will not be part of local network groups and will not receive the Certificate. The dates are the same as for the Academy sessions but the days end already at: 12.30. Academy Members will be there the whole day from: 9.00-17.00. Otherwise you are welcome to sign-up for the yearly The next Rebuild21 Conference will take place May 2013.


6. When and where are sessions taking place?

A schedule of all sessions is available here.


7. What happens if I can’t make it to all sessions?

We know that participants are busy – but to graduate and receive the certificate, you must strive to actively participate in all Academy Sessions.


8. How much time must I spend on preparation, classes and examination?

Participants are expected to reserve 6-7 days for Leadership Academy Sessions and the Rebuild21 conference, 3-4 days to contribute to ‘next practice’ catalogue (Groups Presentation), and 2-3 days to produce and prepare the individual action plan for change (Individual Presentation).


9. Who is going to lecture?

The main program will be introduced and overseen by Sofus Midtgaard, Managing Partner at LeaderLab & Rebuild21. Sofus is former Head of Corporate Strategy & Innovation in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and has an executive MBA. Sofus will in collaboration with different moderators introduce cases and speakers.

The main curriculum A core component of this education is the different 21st century innovators that will share their cases. In plenum, we will discuss the cases followed by group sessions where participants will discuss how the findings could be applied in their industries and organisations. Group sessions will be facilitated by different moderators when needed.


10. Why should I apply for The Leadership Academy in stead of a traditional MBA or Executive program?

A more open, transparent and competitive world challenges us to rethink the way we do business, the way we organise, and the way we lead. The curriculum of most MBA-schools are still focused on educating short-term oriented Managers/Administrators. We help leaders and companies rediscover and organise around a higher purpose for long-term sustainability. We inspire leaders to involve and energise employees through open leadership. We help leaders and companies engage in co-creation and open innovation and transform customers and partners into promoters. Furthermore, we help companies get beyond CSR thinking and move sustainability into the heart of innovation.


11. What are the main topics? What will I learn?

The main topics and sessions at the Leadership Academy are 21st century Leadership & Innovation, Meaning & Organisation, Communication & Customer Experience and Radical Sustainability. We have a strong focus on motivating leaders to drive radical innovation and change within their organisation or industry. The sessions are a combination of live cases, interviews, role plays, group cases and presentations. Some schools are obsessed with accreditation and diplomas. We are obsessed with motivating and helping participants drive real change and making a difference – also while enrolled in the program.


12. Which industries do other participants come from?

Other participants are from industries like: Finance, Healthcare, Medical, Media, Service, Manufacturing & Production, Consulting and Public Services.


13. What does it take to get accepted to the Leadership Academy?

We are looking for motivated candidates who are eager to innovate and change existing business practices. The Leadership Academy accepts candidates by invitation, recommendation or application only. This is to ensure a high quality mix of candidates.


14. Does participation require a certain level of academic skills?

No. But since sessions and examination will be conducted in English, participants are expected to read, speak and write English at an advanced level.


15. What will the exam be like?

The Leadership Academy does not host a traditional examination.
At the end of the year, participants are required to identify, analyse and, in groups, present a case catalogue with 21st Century Innovators in their field of business.

Furthermore, each participant has to prepare and present an individual ‘plan for change,’ addressing how ‘next practices’ can be applied within the participants sponsor company.


16. What is required to graduate?

Graduation requires the following by participants: Active participation in all Academy sessions. Active contribution to a ‘next practice’ catalogue of 21st century innovators. The presentation of an individual plan in which the candidate outlines how the sponsor company can apply the ‘next practices’.


17. Will I receive a degree or diploma?

Participants who graduate from the Leadership Academy will receive the Certificate in Open Business Leadership. However, we do emphasise candidates driving real change and creating business results than certificates and diplomas.


18. Do you accept more than one candidate from a company?

Yes. We have a company who participates with five key managers to get maximum effect and team building across the organisation.


19. What do I need to bring for sessions?

You should bring a laptop or tablet to all sessions. There will be WIFI at all locations, but it will be a good idea to bring a data-connection of your own if possible.


20. Do I need to buy materials, books?

All material will be provided.


21. How can I get more involved in Rebuild21?

Rebuild21 is both a Conference, a Network and an Executive Education. If you have ideas for partnerships or collaboration, feel free to contact Sofus Midtgaard: +45 30 220 111 or sofus@rebuild21.org. We are occasionally taking on board interns and volunteers to help us with the conference. If interested, please send a letter of motivation and CV to: info@rebuild21.org


22. What do I do if there are technical problems with the website?

Please email us at: info@rebuild21.org and let us know what you experience and what we can do to help you out.

We hope you found the answer to your questions above. Otherwise you are welcome to write an email to: info@rebuild21.org or call: + 45 30 220 111 for more information.

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