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WOW Customer Experience

WOW Customer Experience

What is that extra thing that companies like LEGO, Apple, Zappos, Whole Foods and Starbucks has? Ever wondered why some just stand out? We have gathered some inspiration on WOW Customer Experience before next weeks Leadership Academy session on WOW Customer Experience

Start with the “Why?”!

In his very famous TEDx video Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how great companies and leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” This video highlights the power of truly exceptional companies and how they communicate:


WOW Customer Experience at LEGO

This week LEGO made headlines on their Customer Experience after an awesome response to a 7 year old boy who lost his Ninjago Figure. Read and learn how to WOW a 7 year old boy here.

Conny Kalcher, Vice President for Customer Experience visited the Leadership Network in 2010 and Rebuild21 in 2011 to share how LEGO works with Customer Experience. A very systematic approach to working with Customer Experience and Engaging Consumers. Great inspiration:

Co-creation – How to build raving fans, Conny Kalcher, LEGO from Rebuild21 on Vimeo.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction: Net Promoter Score

There are many ways to measure Customer Satisfaction. And often the number of measures and questions you wish to ask customers grow out of proportion. This made Frederick F. Reichheld develop The Net promoter Score (NPS) – a very simple and very popular method.

LEGO has together with Apple and many other global brands integrated Net Promoters Score (NPS), as a core component in measuring customer experience. Net Promoters Score is a very simple principle/score where costumers on a scale from 0-10 are asked: Would you recommend this product to a friend or a person you know? Customers answering 9-10 are promoter. Customers answering 7-8 are passives. And customers answering 0-6 are detractors.

The Net Promoters Score: NPS = % of promoters – % of detractors

Net Promoters Score is as seen a very simple but also very powerful measure. It is very much aligned with research about how people make decisions about buying products, as seen from the Forrester survey mentioned above. Read more about Net Promoters Score here.

Watch Bain & Company’s Rob Markey explain and reflect on NPS:


How to work with Customer Experience in your company?

One thing is how to measure Customer Satisfaction. Another is how to improve it. Some companies works with Customer Flow Charts, Touch Point Analysis or Patient Journeys.

To get you inspired and started thinking we share a Scorecard we have developed for the Leadership Academy – a tailor-made simple Customer Experience Scorecard for the ‘consumer electronics category’. Below we have scored Apple:

WOW Customer Experience Scorecard Apple

Some would argue that price should not be part of the diagram as one aligned dimension but should be a separate factor. But we have kept it for simplicity. But keep in mind that where the score on the rest of the dimensions should be based on a backed or assumed customer experience – price should be scored based on an industry/category/product benchmark of de-facto prices.

Do you agree with our score of Apple or do you have feedback on the dimensions? The “Brand / Philosophy /Lifestyle” dimension is what Simon Sinek Refers to as the “Why?”.

-> No one fit’s all: Reflect upon the most critical parameters that shape your Customers Experience today. If you work for a big organisation with many products lines, choose a category or select a specific product and target audience.


Leadership Academy & Network Session on Customer Experience

Leadership Academy & Network Session on Customer Experience

We host a Leadership Academy & Leadership Network session on WOW Customer Experience, January 17, 2013. For more inspiration on WOW Customer Experience we have gathered some inspiration and videos here: WOW Customer Experience

The aim of the day
The aim of the day is that participants will produce a company specific Customer Experience Scorecard, score their company and made an Action Plan on how to improve Customer Experience in their organisation.

We will provide inspiration, tools and support. Ole Kassow Partner in Purpose will share great Customer Experience Cases and stay to support participants during the day and Richard Kelly, Managing Director, IDEO Asia will join us on Skype and share global/Asian perspectives on Customer Experience.

The Agenda

09.00-09.25 Welcome, Sofus Midgaard, Leaderlab
09.30-10.30 WOW Customer Experience: Ole Kassow, Purpose
10.30-10.45 Break
10.45-12.15 Design your Customer Experience Scorecard
12.15-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.30 Score your company on Customer Experience
13.30-14.00 Present & get feedback
14.00-14.15 Break
14.15-14.45 Make action plan
14.45-15.45 Presentation & feedback
15.45-16.00 Wrap-up and next time
16.00-17.00 Richard Kelly, IDEO, Shanghai (Skype): WOW Customer experience Asian style

IDEO & Richard Kelly

IDEO is an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow. IDEO have been a part of Rebuild21 in 2011 and 2012. If interested you can watch Richard Kellys Rebuild21 talk on Banks of the Future. If interested in how IDEO works here is a video that might give you an impression.



Christmas get-together & brainstorm

Christmas get-together & brainstorm

We would like to see all Rebuild21 friends, participants, volunteers for a Christmas get-together and brainstorm on the 2013 conference. The event takes place November 28, 15.30-18.00 at Republikken, Vesterbrogade 26, 1. sal (Cafeen).

You are welcome to bring children, a friend, a hot date, your boss or Darth Vader. Please let us know that you are coming by joining the event on Facebook så we have an idea about how much Glögg we shall prepare. If not on Facebook please drop us an email: info@rebuild21.org

The Future of Finance

Jem Bendell – The Future of Finance

What will banks of the 21st century look like? Well not like you think! According to Jem Bendell Rebuild21 speaker we need to rethink the concept of banks and currencies for a more sustainable 21st century. See his provocative message here:

Jem Bendell is a professor and the owner-director of Lifeworth Consulting, providing solutions for systemic change towards sustainable development. For 16 years he has consulted with business, United Nations (UN) and civil society, while writing over 100 publications on the social responsibility of organisations.

Rethinking Finance

The world of finance is changing. Challenged by the public opinion, government regulation and new online start-ups, it’s time for the Financial Sector to reinvent itself.

In the aftermath of the Financial Crisis and the Occupy Wall Street Movement something is cooking. Companies like Google, Simple, Bitcoin are developing innovative new service with the potential to revolutionize banking.


Umair Haque

Umair Haque, Harvard Business Review, Blogger and Author


Jem Bendell

Jem Bendell, Professor, Management Advisor and Sustainability Activist


Richard Kelly IDEO

Richard Kelly, Managing Director, IDEO Shaghai



Stig Kirk Ørskov, Senior Vice President, JP/Politikens Hus


Finn Østrup, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School

Finn Østrup, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School


Lars Pehrson, CEO, Merkur Cooperative Bank

Lars Pehrson, CEO, Merkur Cooperative Bank


Richard Kelly IDEO

Richard Kelly, Managing Director, IDEO Shaghai


To be announced

To be announced


We will set out to answer the following challenges:

  • What are the waves of change and services likely to revolutionize the banking industry?
  • What will the transparent and constructive bank of the 21st century look like?
  • What are the steps needed before banks and financial institutions can re-establish a constructive role in society?
  • How can we as citizen investors unite and start contribute to a more sustainable and constructive world today?

At Rebuild21 we will showcase companies and organisations that will inspire us to see what finance, banking and investment funds of the 21st century might look like.

 Join us in Copenhagen May 30, 2012:

Sign up for Rebuild21 2012

Investors unite!

Make a difference – take a stand on what your pension money is invested in!

We are thrilled to share that Rebuild21 has already inspired Danish Media, like Berlingske and Børsen, to focus their attention on how to create more sustainable and ethical pensions funds in DK.

Berlingske extensively covered the doubtful ethics of the Danish Pension Fund’s investments in government bonds in Africa (in Danish only – sorry).

Today, Berlingske features a column written by Rebuild21’s founder Sofus Midtgaard, documenting the lack of ethics and sustainability in the Danish pension model. Read the column here

Etchical investments“Changing a flawed pension model in Denmark, EU and around the world is probably THE most important and short term way to change the world of business. We often criticize big companies and CEO’s for their lack of ethics and sustainable behaviour and forget that big companies are owned by …. pension investors – that will be… yes you and me!” says Sofus Midtgaard, Founder of Rebuild21.

Check the ethics of your pension fund.  Despite fancy CSR reports,  you might very well have money invested in guns, gambling and big oil companies.  Go to your local politicians and demand freedom of choice when it comes securing ethical and sustainable investments.

“Surveys show that a higher ethical profile on your investments only mean 0,5-1% less in annual returns. Given the choice I could live with that – I think most conscious people could.  Let’s unite and take a stand by making it possible to put our money where our hearts are.” says Sofus Midtgaard, Founder of Rebuild21.

At this years Rebuild21 we have invited politicians, entrepreneurs and the industry to discuss how we can rebuild a flawed pension model to support a more sustainable and ethical path for businesses and our futures.

Rebuild21 Internship

Builders of tomorrow uniteAre you our new Rebuild21 intern?

Leaderlab is looking for an Intern to help us arrange Rebuild21 – an international conference in Copenhagen.

We are offering a 3-4 months Internship starting March 1st 2012.

As an Intern you will be involved in planning, marketing and running Rebuild21.

We are a small but dynamic organization and can offer a meaningful internship where you can make a real difference.

We expect that you are a good organizer, not afraid of taking action and getting things done. You are probably interested in globalization, sustainability and social innovation.

Through the Internship you will build a network and gain valuable knowledge about Leadership, Innovation, Social Business, Social Entrepreneurship as well as international business, media and politics.

What you study is not so important. The important thing is that you are dedicated, a team player and a great colleague. It will be an advantage – but not a requirement – that you are accustomed to working in Google Docs and in PowerPoint / Keynote.

Send a short motivation and a bit of background/CV to Sofus Midtgaard at: sofus@leaderlab.com – or call +45 30 220 111 if you have questions about the internship. Deadline is February 2nd, 2012.



The Rebuild21 Manifesto is out…

The Rebuild21 Manifesto is out

We are now 7 bill. people on the planet. By 2035 around 70% of the world population will live in cities. The price of energy and food is climbing. We are the most in-dept, medicated and obese generation ever. We are not even close to a realistic solution to tackle climate change. And we are facing a collapse of the world economy. Need more reasons to Rebuild business for the 21st century?

The Rebuild21 Manifesto


Builders of tomorrow unite

About the Manifesto:

The Rebuild21 Manifesto is the incomplete essence of many people’s work during and after the Rebuild21 conference. The Manifesto is humbly edited by Rebuild21 founder Sofus Midtgaard – @sofus. Constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome. Join the discussion

We hope it will inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders to rebuild business for the 21st Century. If inspired – join the community or sign up for an invitation to Rebuild21 2012.

Thanks for helping share the Manifesto!

Rethinking Business for the 21st Century - want to join?