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Rebuild21 presents The Leadership Academy…

Rebuild21 presents The Leadership Academy…

At the last two conferences, many participants discussed the possibility of more meetings and creating real change outside of the conference. Well, your comments and concerns have not fallen on deaf ears! With your inputs and suggestions, we’ve created the Rebuild21 Leadership Academy.

Many of you might consider an MBA. But why not meet world-class global innovators instead of reading about them? Some of you already have an MBA. Why not join a new education & network that can help you drive real change in your organisation?

If you haven’t seen our Facebook and Twitter updates, we’ve been busy planning the Leadership Academy, a radical new leadership education and network for 21st century leaders. The Rebuild21 Leadership Academy is new type of leadership education and network, uniting passionate individuals to radically innovate and change their industries.

Why is this different from your typical MBA model? You will…

  • Interact with world-class global innovators and thinkers instead of reading about them.
  • Get challenged by passionate and influential people and develop your leadership skills.
  • Practice your skills based on cases and situations from your own organisation to ensure value for the sponsor.
  • Get access to a unique network of people who can help you drive change in your area of business

For more information, click here or see the FAQ

Send us your applications as soon as possible; seats are limited. Apply for enrolment here.



There is no teaching – only learning! In a magic talk on the need for Rebuilding Education Jerry Michalski touch upon the hidden curriculum of schools and shows why many kids probably would be better off never entering schools of today.

What is unschooling? In this follow up interview Jerry Michalski shares more insights on from his talk on how we can rebuild our current educational system so that it can nurture our children’s talents.

The official global educational system is pretty good at delivering what it was designed to deliver: factory workers and consumers. Other important things it doesn’t do quite as well. Many people are trying to reform it from the inside, as well as reshape or replace it from the outside. Which efforts are worth watching? How should we frame these efforts in order to see more clearly where we are headed?

Inspired? Please also watch this interview with Jerry Michalski made right after his talk:

But he goes on to discuss the principles on which to build schools of the future. And they will look nothing like you imagine! A must-see for teachers, educators, principles and politicians in charge of shaping the future landscape of education.

Radical Sustainability – Interview with Nadine Gudz from Interface

I addition to her talk here is an interview with Nadine Gudz, Head of Sustainability Strategy at Interface (Previous: Interface Floor). Nadine shares insights on the  “MISSION Zero” agenda at Interface.


Nadine Gudz shares the story of InterFACE and their relentless pursuit for sustainability, asking unconventional questions like ,”How would nature design a floor?”

Since 1994, Interface has challenged itself to to become a truly sustainable company, demanding measurable achievements in their actions. Their main focuses for change are Footprint Reduction, Product Innovation, and Culture Change.

Nadine tells Rebuilders what it truly takes to cause radical organisational change, both in corporate culture and supply chain models.

Thank you, Rebuilders!

Another year has passed and we’re pleased to see so many familiar faces and many new ones at Rebuild21 2012 in Copenhagen!

This year, the conference took place at rustic Volume Hallen, a perfect playground to start building the foundations for 21st century business ideals.  Speakers were jet setting from around the world to come speak about radical change.  And for those who couldn’t make it but still wanted to contribute Skype’ed in. Thanks to everybody who helped make it happen!

The 2012 talks are out:

All videos with speakers and panels are also out now – as a bonus we have gathered all 2012 and 2011 speakers here!

Umair Haque Jerry Michalski Watch jake Nickell

Find your favourite photo!

Of course, the conference couldn’t have happened without the presence of all the participants who came. There was lots of love, life, and laughter all around! We have gathered all the pictures from the conference on find yourself on Flickr.

Time for action!

Following many request from participants at the Rebuild21 Conference 2011 and 2012, we have decided that it time for action! 

Conferences are great for inspiration, but now we take it one step further and launch the Rebuild21 Leadership Academy.

Leadership Academy

Get inspired, develop your leadership skills, meet passionate and influential people and help drive change in your organisation. Read more or apply for membership here!


What was your favourite moment?

Check out more images in our Flickr gallery!

Bank of The Future: Asian Perspectives

Richard Kelly gives us sneak peak into the hidden world of Asian finance…

On May 30, 2012, Richard Kelly joins us in Copenhagen sharing key insights and learnings from the world of Asian banking.  As the Managing Director of IDEO Asia Pacific, Richard brings with him a wealth of first hand knowledge and experience.

Richard will be joining the Finance Panel at 11:45, and will deliver his keynote speech at 13:30.  Don’t miss out!

Bank of the Future: Asian Perspectives

The world is rebalancing to an Asian-centered world.  Category change happens as a result of influences from outside. Asia is therefore the place to watch when it comes to determining how big the “financial services pie” will become, the kinds of values and behaviours that will create new opportunities for the industry as a whole, and re-thinking global finance for revenue growth, customer acquisition, and risk adjustment.  Richard Kelly will share a provocation of what a next generation bank in Asia might look like, work like, and the implications for what a global next generation bank might look like.

A view from collectivist societies…
Drawing from our work across the Asian continent where the issue of relationship between people and money has arisen, we have identified one significant characteristic which we believe the next generation Asia bank could be built on – that of financial interdependence. Crucially, there does not seem to be a banking model in Asia that caters to this characteristic and it is therefore a brand new opportunity waiting to be explored and exploited.

In contrast to the Westwhere people’s relationship with money is individualistic and banking services are designed for financial independenceacross Asia, we see financial interdependence where money flows readily and regularly between members of a network, be that a family, a clan, a community or a business circle.

For example, in Singapore, there is a tradition for children to give a proportion of their monthly income to their parents as a way of repaying the parents for all the sacrifices and investment the parents made bringing them up.

In India, financial transactions beyond immediate family within extended circles of friends and their families are common, often not involving any paperwork.

In Japan, we observed the workings of the neighbourhood loans systems which provides a trusted and intimate financial support networ, often not requiring the paperwork and security checks normally required by banks.

We think there is an opportunity for a new Network Bank which would cater to the needs and life goals of financially interdependent communities of people and businesses in Asia. And we believe it would have a number of benefits:

  • Revenue growth
  • Customer acquisition
  • Risk adjusted cost of capital

Asia can teach the global financial world many lessons. There is an overall need to rethink banking for a new kind of bank to come into existence; a bank that enables people to bank together, one that strengthens networks by deepening connections between people and businesses through collective participation, and one that enables people to make the right decisions with their finances.

Register for Rebuild21

Join Rebuild21 and Richard Kelly to learn more about this provocative topic that will have you rethinking finance and the West.  Sign up today!
Read more about speakers or breakout sessions or help share the message and join us for Rebuild21 May 30-31, 2012 in Copenhagen.

Sign up for Rebuild21 2012

Congratulations to our Twitter Winners

Congratulations to our winners for the “Tweet For A Seat” competition!  It was a tough choice, but we’ve found five passionate twitter tapping away to come to our conference.  These lucky winners will have the exciting opportunity to see business leaders, politicians, journalists, and leaders of tomorrow in the most coveted conference in Copenhagen.

If you didn’t win, there’s still one more day left in the “Pix for Tix” competition, so get out your phones, cameras, or if you have a pen handy, sketch out the scenery for us and run by the Vestergade office.  We’d love to see it!

Once again, a big congratulations to our five winners:

1.  Viktor Grønne (@VictorGroenne)

2. Mads Hals Bjerg (@Madshallas)

3.  LEon (@nohablodanes)

4.  Louise B. Zastrow (@louise_zastrow)

5.  Thelle Kristensen (@ThelleK)

Green Pitch helps us throw a ball!

Excited about the Rebuild conference in 2 weeks?  

We definitely are–and can hardly contain it!  So we thought we’d share a sneak peak into the conference with you.

We’re pleased to announce that the Danish band Green Pitch will be performing a short set on Day 1 | May 30, 2012 at 8:00 pm as we wrap up the dinner and evening.


Let this charming band from Copenhagen, Denmark enchant you with their delicate yet strong vocals and tender melodies.  They can quickly move from sweet, ethereal tunes to haunting, atmospheric soundscapes that will have you spellbound. With a sensitive take on the singer/songwriter tradition, Green Pitch is a seductive acquaintance of great beauty and captivating tunes.  By means of predominantly acoustic orchestrations, the band creates a heart-warming closeness and a compelling intimacy, which is the perfect scenery for Rex Garfield’s delicate and fragile voice. Last year Green Pitch published an ep trilogy, “Asleep,” “Awake” and “Alert” and reaped rave reviews.


Check out their song “The Machinery” here:

Investors unite!

Make a difference – take a stand on what your pension money is invested in!

We are thrilled to share that Rebuild21 has already inspired Danish Media, like Berlingske and Børsen, to focus their attention on how to create more sustainable and ethical pensions funds in DK.

Berlingske extensively covered the doubtful ethics of the Danish Pension Fund’s investments in government bonds in Africa (in Danish only – sorry).

Today, Berlingske features a column written by Rebuild21’s founder Sofus Midtgaard, documenting the lack of ethics and sustainability in the Danish pension model. Read the column here

Etchical investments“Changing a flawed pension model in Denmark, EU and around the world is probably THE most important and short term way to change the world of business. We often criticize big companies and CEO’s for their lack of ethics and sustainable behaviour and forget that big companies are owned by …. pension investors – that will be… yes you and me!” says Sofus Midtgaard, Founder of Rebuild21.

Check the ethics of your pension fund.  Despite fancy CSR reports,  you might very well have money invested in guns, gambling and big oil companies.  Go to your local politicians and demand freedom of choice when it comes securing ethical and sustainable investments.

“Surveys show that a higher ethical profile on your investments only mean 0,5-1% less in annual returns. Given the choice I could live with that – I think most conscious people could.  Let’s unite and take a stand by making it possible to put our money where our hearts are.” says Sofus Midtgaard, Founder of Rebuild21.

At this years Rebuild21 we have invited politicians, entrepreneurs and the industry to discuss how we can rebuild a flawed pension model to support a more sustainable and ethical path for businesses and our futures.

Painting the town red (blue, green, and yellow)!

Last Thursday, Rebuild21 met with its amazing new team of student volunteers who helped us re-colour the city of Copenhagen.

From Centrum out to Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Amager, and more, we stuck and snuck our way into all the nooks and crannies around town, including bathrooms, cafés, and more! It was a tough day, fighting off the scalding sun, pushing through bustles of tourists, scaling walls, and dodging authority, but we managed!

Rebuild21 is a 100% non-profit and sponsor free event – help share the message and let’s change the world of business, education, finance and media.

Make a difference!

You can help us out by joining the Rebuild21 event, sharing your favourite speaker or sessions on Facebook or by putting up this poster at your favourite café or at your company office.

Did you spot any?  Maybe one of these ones here….


Rethinking Business for the 21st Century - want to join?